Because the Tobii EyeX is an eye tracking advice, the design team wanted to ensure that every game mechanic created in The Channeler would be centered around the eye. Learning about the eye was key. The eye does not move smoothly, but instead jumps from place to place rapidly. Things must happen swiftly and suddenly in order to create challenges. Eye strain can also be an issue. So we must ensure that the eye is not overstimulated for too long. These are just a couple of the relevant challenges in our design process.

Since we are able to detect where the player’s eye is looking at any given time, we can force the player to keep their eye in a given location at any point. Allowing us to make the player use their peripheral vision. A series of game concepts were created with this in mind.

Our first Peripheral Game concept requires the player to focus an object, so that the next set of objects may appear. Once they have appeared, the player must quickly look at the matching object without looking at any other objects in on the screen. If they look too slowly, the objects disappear and they must try again.


We also took the constriction of peripheral vision and applied it to the common Shell Game.


Constricting the player’s eyes to the person in control of the game in order to win!


We’ve found that Peripheral based games are very effective for certain gameplay mechanics and created a challenging yet fun flow. The TobiiEyeX is an ideal device for creating this style of gameplay challenge.


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